Excellent tycoon/sim game! The Movies is an ambitious game that you won't be albe to put down. You should get it now!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | The Movies PC
This game is highly addictive... I've been playing non-stop for a week now and can't get enough. Download the employee mod and the bigger studio lot though, and you'll be very happy! Hours and Hours of entertainment are guaranteed with this game, and that's just the Tycoon part of the game. I haven't even gotten really all deep into the movie making part of the game, but so far it too is incredible. There's so much to do in this game that you won't easily be bored. And with the modders out there providing new content, you'll have a wealth of new sets to play with for some time. There is a big gap between the movie making part of the game and the tycoon part, but I don't think most people will mind. It's kind of fun to take a break everynow and then from running the studio to craft a masterpiece. Or sometimes you can use the advanced movie maker to just tweak what your hired writers are putting out for the maximum rating. You won't be disappointed with this game. Recommended game!