A game worth the wait!!!!!

User Rating: 9.1 | The Movies PC
Alright I will make this brief and to the point! The game is awesome.


There decent. Nothing like F.E.A.R, but maybe just shy above The Sims 2!!


The audio is what you make it. Yeah you can import your voice and own music. A little glitchy, but it works. Probably will need a patch in the future.


The micro management of the stars, directors and other works is the most annoying part of the game. Especially if your playing the game mode. Almost every movie you do will have someone drunk, eating disorder, alcohol problem or throwing a flat out tantrum. I had to stop production twice.

You have to play the game mode to unlock other buildings and sets to play in sandbox mode. Even the post production lot must be unlock.

Now I know I said alot of negative things just now, but the game is awesome there is a lot to unlock. Even though the annoyances are there it balances out, because it makes the game a challenge. I am currently in the year of 1942, I still haven't won an award. Maybe I suck or something, I don't care really, cuz learning to play the game is fun.

The Great part of the game to me is the emotional the character express. It not real I know, but god's it funny. I think Lionhead and PM did a great job re-creating the movie exprience in The Movies Game.