It was one of the best Management games I ever played. I hope Lionhead continues his run. I'll be waiting.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Movies PC
It was one of the best Management simulation games I ever played. It was improved in every aspect. I've played such a game only once and that was sim city 4. But I don't know any other simulation game that is such real and full of tools and controls to observe and improve in a managerial contest to have the best film studio ever. You can just start with nothing but money and some people who want to play in movies or write film scripts or direct films or just making studios and maintain tools and help the team to become a shining star in this industry. For me it was so amazing that every new-born studio in the game in lapse of time have the newest technology and ideas and you must be so clever be up to date to conflict the upcoming challenges. I recommend this game (Specially with its patches and etc) to anyone who wants to manage a conflicting situation in almost real world and to have the opportunity to improve his/her managerial skills beside having fun of course.