A must buy for the desperate gamer!

User Rating: 7.7 | The Matrix Online PC
First of all, when people say:

SOE's forums suck. As soon as you post negative feedback, a mod will ban you.

That's a big lie. If you look, there are only a few closed topics, and those topics contain so much flame that your eyes will bleed. "I think MxO is bad", says Rob298230, "You're a **** because ******* sucks your mom's ***** in ******** that **********", says Lemonpie3. CLOSED!!

Another thing, I agree when someone says "SOE sucks". Mostly because... well... they do! I had to cope with the loss of SWG by locking myself in my room and hiding in the corner of my closet(sarcasm). There is but one thing I need to say: Eventually, MxO will die. It will burn. It will kick, scream and try to fight back but SOE will take a knife to it's throat and that will be the end of that. But until then, I am enjoying the more redeeming qualities of MxO.

What most people don't know is that there are many Live Events going on. Like: Agent Gray conducts business. But with who? Or what? It's a mystery, really ;). And sometimes, you'll stumble upon Niobe or Ghost. Just because the Twins aren't sitting at a bar or Morpheus isn't seen jumping from rooftop to rooftop doesn't mean the world of The Matrix is as barren as SWG. SOE shows a lot of effort for MxO, they even said themselves MxO is one of the best games/communities they've worked with. Of course this is a lie as big as Bush, but some people like to think of it as a sign for hope. But with the new Combat Revision, you can't say SOE is done with MxO... or at least... YET.

Who knows what SOE will do after the CR2.0? Maybe some new animations? Or improved Character Customization? Or perhaps NGE's like:

OMG 15,000,000 NEW MISSIONS AND 19358535,5-3535-53..5,3K NEW BUGS!!!!11
OMG I JUST SAWZ NEO AND HE WUZ LEIK: kid, don't do drugs. I WAS LEIK, WHOOAOAOAAA...... whoaa..

I hope not! Of course, nobody does. Every time a MMO dies, my 'dead-MMO' sense starts to tingle. And it hurts on the inside...

What I'm going to talk about next is the System Requirements. I know they're rough and it's quite a hastle to keep up with today's technology (why, just a few weeks ago I couldn't even play Half-Life 2!), but MxO's requirements are repulsive. And it's a stench that must be blown onto a tissue of redemption and placed into the trash bin of Liberty. Or... something. But 1gig of RAM isn't all that much money! Once you find out what kind of RAM your computer needs, head out to a Nerd Collective and you'll find that RAM isn't very expensive. $150-200 dollars! I can make that much money in a week at my job. But for some people, that IS quite expensive and I understand how you feel. Back in the day I had to work for 3 months to make $50 alone. But now...

Now, let's talk about the missions, shall we? First of all, before you buy MxO if you haven't bought it already, I'm telling you now:
Have fun!

Yes, that was indeed a sarcastic remark. The missions repeat themselves like the background of a simple side-scroller. Find someone here, kill someone there and retrieve your reward... if the bugs haven't eaten you alive yet. Gee, Bob, let's crash at an Apartment. Sure, John! *moments later* Hey, Bob, haven't we been at this building before? Yes, yes now I remember. It had these same exact sofas... and, and that TV set, too! Wow...

Yes, that's everyday life here in the virtual world of The Matrix, but sometimes you must learn how to deal with it. It's like selling your house that you've been living in for the past 20 years, and once you've sold it you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but once you enter your NEW house it looks just the same as your... old house?

I like the way the traffic moves and the pedestrains walk down the street not knowing what the hell is really going on. The cars actually OBEY traffic lights, unlike some games (*cough* Auto Assault *cough*) you wont get hit by a car cruising through the park. And that's a good thing! So remember to look both ways!

The overall appearance of MxO makes you feel like you're really IN the Matrix. It's quite fun to hyperjump like Morpheus! It's almost as if, even in the mornings, the sky is always green. Or gray.