I've played this game for a year and this game is a no no for thoose who want solid gameplay.

User Rating: 5.2 | The Matrix Online PC
Good=Graphics are really good for an mmo but was also had a negative side to it. Not that many could play the game whitout a good computer.
The sound was exactly like the movies no complaints there and "action sounds" were perfect.
It's innovative in the ability system so that you can swap from a healer to a gunman.
The best part of this game is the combat system it looks really good and it does bullettime and all that.

Bad= Right now there are three servers, none of them are a European server, so if you are a european don't buy this game, you will miss the live events. And the server lag is amazing.
In the beginning the storyline was pretty good, it had a live event group happen once or twice every month, the sentinel(newspaper) came out every time it was an event. The cinematics were renderd in-game, secret messages, secret meetings....Now some of it is gone or happening once in a while....The live events went completly down the drain when Sony took over.
Mission system is a complete failiure, it's so repetative....only good thing about it were that you didn't have to go and talk to mission dealer...just pick up your phone and start a mission. The dungeons and constructs that are supposed to be fun to go there and explore it. Monolith just placed out a couple of dudes there a couple of dudes there and a boss in that house....it's like every level in a dungeon looks the same, every part in a construct is symmetrical...there's no hills...well of course it's a city...then they could have made the buildings interior a little bit diffrent every time and little bit mystical so players can explore the city, it's so dull,so repetative. There's 4 districts in megacity, it's The slums and the barrens the exterior and the interior practally looks the same, then it becomes a little bit diffrent when you come to international and becomes diffrent when you come to downtown....

I could probably say 10 other bad things about this game.
The only people i recomend this game to is to people who want a really good action packed mmo or people who want moore freedom when it comes to choosing abilities....this game was an 7.3 or higher when it started but is now a complete failiure