Mimic's FFX's combat system in a surprising great way.

User Rating: 8 | The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age PS2
Third age is a decent RPG. The only Caveat is that I wished it would have been longer. While the game goes through all 3 LOTR books/movies, it is very short for an RPG. Clocking at around 18hours until the final boss. Third age is relatively short for an RPG.

There really isn't much incentive to play the game again, yet there is an Evil mode where you play as forces of mordor defeating the heroes. There are no bonus bosses or sidequests since Third age is a very linear rpg. Equipment and items are found through bosses/mobs, or in chests that you open as you play through the game.

Here are some tips for the characters:
Berethor: He's the strongest, keep using his skills until you learn citadel rage which lets him attack thrice, his final skill attack that hits for x5 is a chore to get. Also get his unique skill which lets him use two attacks in a turn.

Eleogast: His skills are great. Concentrate on both and get his unique skill that lets him attack twice in a turn.

Idrial: She is your healer and for some reason has the highest in game armor. Nothing much except level up her spirit skills.

Eoden: Surprisingly, his life drain spirit skills are superb. He can literally be a tank if it was not for his low defense rating once you get him.

Morwen: She is a powerhouse dps, although not as strong as Berethor. Level up her axe skills and get her unique ability that lets her attack twice.

Hadhod: The dwarf is quite resilient. Get his mountain call ability which forms a shield for all characters. He gets to do a lot of criticals. Focus his stats on hp and hit.

Character and weapon detail is superb for an rpg of its time. You can see the difference in weapons and gear when equipped, which garnered a smile on my face.

In conclusion, Third age is a surprisingly decent rpg. I would like EA to use the same formula for the Hobbit in an RPG format. Even in 2013, I am surprised to play this backlog rpg.