The best Lord of the Ring games yet

User Rating: 9.1 | The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age PS2
If you ask me this is properly the best the lord of the rings game because I have the others and go on them but this one is the best.

Game play

The game play is pretty simple; you simply follow an interesting storyline while fighting your way through orcs, trolls, wargs and much more. The fighting system is not like on the return of the king or the two towers it is more like on final fantasy 10 when you take a hit then the enemy does. It is not just attacking you can use a huge variety of skills and items to help you. I think it is cool how you can choose what you learn next by the skills menu but annoying how you must upgrade the characters yourself because if you forget you levelled up and don’t upgrade your character you will become very weak.


The graphics are more advanced than on any other game made but still poor in some areas. An annoying thing is that your shadow is just a man even if you have the biggest helmet ever you can not see it on the shadow.


The music is simply taken out of the movies so if you like the music from the movies you would like it on this. The swords clashing is very affective and loud so when you hit it doesn’t sound to dull.