One of the best games in history, that served as an influence for many games we know.

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64

The Legend of Zelda Saga began in the 80's and had a good reception, but its continuation did not have the quality we expected, then we had the excellent The Legend of Zelda: Link to The Past that took the saga to another level, had Link's Awakening, and years later the Zelda saga comes back with Ocarina of Time considered by many the best game of all time, and the evolution is impressive with 3D graphics, the truth that Nintendo 64 games have always been impressive for the Time, Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time are games above your time, Ocarina of Time has beautiful graphics, an excellent environment, a giant map to explore, the game is not a very open world, because when you're done you can not go back to The game has 9 Dungeons and 3 Mini-Dungeons, and each Dungeon has its boss, some have up to 2 boss, they have intelligent Puzzle, plus the boss are not so difficult, the 12 Dungeons (including mini) are from Good for epics, taking 1, W Spirit, this is without doubt the worst dungeon in the game and one of the worst in The Legend Zelda saga, besides being very difficult, it is very annoying, sometimes because of 1 mistake you have to return it from the beginning and this It irritates a lot, you have to always change boots, there were many people who stopped playing it because of this dungeon, but that does not spoil the game, the plot is interesting, since it explains more of Ganondorf and his race the Gerudo, the game Has a lot of items and hidden things, the gameplay is good, it can even hang in a few moments, and the camera sometimes gets in the way, but overall it's good too, since the idea of ​​using a button for the camera Focus on where you want is very good and helps a lot, the soundtrack is spectacular, one of the best in the history of games, no doubt is in my top 5, and the last battle of the game is remarkable, Shigeru Miyamoto shows why he is the producer Most influential in the history of games, it is not The Legend of Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong, the guy is a genius, Ocarina of Time is a masterpiece of games, and without doubt is one of the best games of all time. Note 100