Does gaming get any worse than this?

User Rating: 1 | The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64
While I was taking a break from playing action girlz racing, I stumbled upon this game and saw it had great reviews. When it was delivered I booted up my old N64 and put in the cartridge. At first I wondered what all the hype was about as everything about the game seemed terrible, but I dismissed these thoughts as I thought the game would start to get better as I progressed. To my dismay the game only seemed to get worse as i went on and i finally had to take the cartridge out and throw it out of my window as I was so angry I paid hundreds of dollars for a new copy of the game. The game is just terrible, even by the low standards of the low standards of the aincent 90s. Luckily after spending some time playing the best game of all time, ninjabread man, I calmed down. It's no wonder that the PS1 thrashed the N64 in sales when the only good game they had was Superman 64 and they kept releasing abysmal games such as Super Mario 64 and this. Thankfully Nintendo have redeemed themselves by releasing games such as Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival and Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which have both understandably reached legendary status among gamers. It's just a shame that Ocarina of time will go down as one of Nintendos worst flops in history.