A great zelda side-quest that is a MUST play for any gamer!

User Rating: 9.5 | Zelda no Densetsu: Yume o Miru Shima DX GBC
I just recently bought this on the 3ds' eshop about a week ago, (its available on there AND on Gameboy color) and i could not put it down! It has sucked alot of hours of my life away but it is really fun! without any spoilers; the story story sort of goes of into a different adventure, NOT the usual 'boy grows up, defeats ganon, saves hyrule' sort of story, this one comes after one of those stories (because link has his sword and armor and stuff). And its supprisingly emotional and quite sad.

This zelda game was the first ever portable zelda made for the gameboy, then in 1998, they re-released it in color for the gameboy color. The coloring in this game is, not so great. it pretty much looks like a toddler colored the whole game, but other than that, everything looks great, the bosses, dungeons, everything.

the gameplay is terrific, and the controls work very smoothly with only 2 buttons and a + pad. however, with only 2 buttons available for items, your sword and shield, it gets alittle annoying having to pause the game every 2 seconds to switch to the item you need (youll know excatly what i mean when you play it)

I love the music in this game! but the overworld theme can get annoying after a while when your trying to find out where to go or trying to go from one end of the whole world to the other.

If/when you play this game, (which you should because its really good) DO NOT STEAL from the store! this game has been well known for that! if you do, the shop keeper will kill you! literally! he will actually kill you! and whats worse, EVERYONE calls you 'THIEF' the rest of the game instead of your real name!

the bosses are really cool in this game, you usually just start hacking at them with your sword, or "the item you got in that dungeon". Dungeons are pretty easy at first, but later they get hard and a little scary! there are amputated horse heads lying around in rooms!

replay value: this game is alot of fun, but just a few parts that werent as fun or were really hard. But it IS one of those games that you would want to play again and again. its actually pretty long. Im like 7/8s complete on the whole game since last week, but thats becuase ive been playing it NONE STOP!!!

Good and bad of the game

GOOD: excellent gameplay, controls, and music. GREAT story, makes you feel proud of yourself when you accomplish something(like a dungeon perhaps). Has that classic zelda feel to it.

BAD: switching items is a pain in the butt crack, somtimes you would have to go somewhere but no body told you anything about it or what to do sometimes (looking up where to go next on the web). takes alot of time getting places,

CONCLUSION: this game has its not so good areas, but the fun youll have will make up for it. A unique zelda game full of "new" things to do this time. Im sure that youll enjoy this game either your a zelda fan or not!