Best in the trilogy, but lacks something.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon WII
When I bought this game, it cost 50. I was so hyped up for the game. I played that game for hours and beat it finally.It starts out like any other spyro game. A cutseane. Very well put together. Heres what I say.

1. Awesome grafics
2. Great ending to the trilogy
3. Gave spyro a new start anfter the horible Dragonfly game
4. Can play as cynder or have a fiend play along
5. Music was way better!
6. Easyier enemys than Enternal Night, but nit too easy
7. Better combat.
8 Free flight stops you from falling and dying.
1. Glitchs on you 2. Short story, but longer than others
3.hard to reach areas.
4. nothing to do after game has ended
5. Last boss was the easiest boss in the game

So to rap it up, it was good. I mean I wouldn't spend 50 dolles on it, but I did. I sugest renting it. Or if your a die hard fan, by it used or on clearance. Just dont pay full price. It is not worth 50 dollers.