Amazing game, very addicting but the XP distribution system made a large portion of the game unenjoyable.

User Rating: 5.5 | The Last Remnant PC
I love so many aspects of this game, one of those is that you can fight more monsters at once and get bigger bonuses, if you survive.

The very sad part though, is that the XP distribution system equally distributes the experience between your characters, making low levels mercenaries impossible to catch up or surpass "older" mercenaries. So in fact, you're much better off to never hire new mercenaries and just use the first ones of the game, otherwise you will end up with weak mercenaries and a huge gap of experience between you and your mercenaries.
That is very annoying, to the point where I didn't felt like playing anymore.

What they should have done, is what everyone else does, modifying the experience gained with the difference between the mercenary level and the enemies level, making low level mercenaries gain more XP while higher levels gains less.
Which makes total sense since a veteran doesn't learn much from slaying a zombie but the peasant that barely ever fought will learn much from it. You know.. like every games on the market.

I feel like this game is a poisoned gift. At first you will be very happy and wonder why people could ever dislike it as if feels like a great game. Although, the fun slowly oozes out and after you played a bit, you start to see why it's almost, but not quite.