Nice to have a good turned based JRPG game on the PC.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Last Remnant PC
At first i want to start off with that the PC much better then the 360 version, better frame rate, better loading times, the contains alot of fixes and adjustments either gameplay like leaders limit is no longer imposed, Auto Save is available, which automatically saves after having changed zones or having won a battle and some other fixes and the graphics is about the same...

If you don't want to know anything about the story feel free to skip the following part (its not much of a spoiler):

You play as Rush Sykes the main character of the game who is looking for his sister following a flying thing that took her, suddenly he finds him self in a battlefield and after that an explosion happens gets Rush and one of the solders trapped in some cave so you team up and on you way to the exit you get to meet some people who is willing to help you in your journey to find your sister...

The Last Remnant's battle system is somehow unique, and you will need several hours before you can use it well, in The Last Remnant you don't control your party members one by one while in a fight, you acquire leaders and soldiers (you pay a price to the guild to get new party members), and put them all together to form a union (knowing that if the leader dies you can't choose the union's action), each party member has his\her own stats, skills, equipment, and arts which is moves and spells the party member can do (some has unique arts), in this game you choose actions for the whole union whether using arts or healing other unions if needed or backing them up or healing self, performing mystic arts or just an attack command, this game isn't like most RPG's where you have the ability to choose very specific actions, like casting a particular spell or using a particular item (like a healing herb), you can see which arts your party members will use, the point is that you can't command them on a unit-by-unit command, other then that as you advance in the game you'll have more options in the battles, the effectiveness of any union is directly related to the cumulative scores and abilities of each party member that forms part of the group. After each fight, units will gain different stats and unlock better abilities depending on the strength of the enemy being fought and what abilities each individual unit used in battle. Also there is something that can be pointed to that it is Mr. digs, Mr. digs is a small creature that will join you not too far into the game, with him you are able to harvest items from specific points, he will level up through the game and will gain abilities and increases in stats.

..:::The Bad:
You can only change Rush's equipment.
Complicated combat rules.
Textures appearing after every loading.
The game depends on luck and lots of randomness.

..:::The Good:
Good story.
Great visuals and character design.
Good voice acting and lip synchronizations.
Tons of sidequests and extra things to do.