The Last of Us breaks the last barrier between player and emotion to bring one of the most compelling stories ever.

User Rating: 10 | The Last of Us PS3
The Last of Us is a game that has been hyped up since it's initial announcement. Since it was an exclusive, it's praise was being sung even louder by PS3 owners and Sony themselves. We were expecting a good game, but nobody was expecting a game like we got.

Currently, The Last of Us is getting 10/10's on every site known to man (expect hipster Gamespot), but for good reason, it is an incredibly well-crafted game that obviously took years to perfect. Saying this game isn't good is like saying pizza isn't good, it's not true and you don't even believe it when you say it. So if you are a consumer wondering if this game is as good as people are saying it is: It is. Don't listen to the negative reviews that say we are all sheeple and we just go with the crowd, because this really is a great game and it does deserve every great score it gets.

The Last of Us puts you in as a character named Joel. Not much is known about Joel or what happened, other than a giant fungus infection had spread Earth about 20 years ago and now Joel lives in a safe zone, smuggling guns and medicine in to the town. Soon, we meet Marlene and she gives a new smuggling job to smuggle a 15 year old girl named Ellie. Soon, your adventure takes off and goes wild.

The Last of Us is a truly great game that knows what it is doing and how well it's doing it. The gameplay is solid, voice acting is the best I've ever heard it, and the sound design simply astonishes me. If any game deserves your money this year, it's The Last of Us.