At the end of the PS3 Xbox generation, I think we found the generation defining game right at the end.

User Rating: 10 | The Last of Us PS3
Naughty Dog, Inc. through The Last of Us created a world where every punch hurts like hell, every bullet counts and most amazingly, every moment is a blessing because unlike most games, it shows the joys of being alive and how easily one can lose it in a bat of an eye.

The development of the bond between the two main characters Joel and Ellie was realistic that by the end of the game I knew them more than I know my own goddamn family. This is survival genre at it's finest, decisions are as grey as it can be and most of the time you aren't left with much of a choice leading you to flip a coin. It's a harsh, brutal outlook of the world where the only thing that makes you keep going is the simple fact that you aren't alone in this.

The story is not about reaching the final objective, but the journey through which how two strangers with two very different backgrounds move away from constantly looking for the other to backstab to slowly build a father-daughter relationship. In the end, players will ask what is the difference between the right thing to do and something which 'feels right'.

Beautiful game, great visuals, fantastic characters and a fantastically realized harsh but authentic world makes the Last of Us not only the best game I've ever played, but also I never invested so much emotions in any form of entertainment media. It is a masterpiece.