A fun game, but glitches and unbalanced combat keep it from reaching its potential

User Rating: 6 | The Last of Us PS3
As it stands, I fairly enjoy The Last of Us. The story, which i was about halfway through (before being sent back to the beginning due to a glitch detailed below), is fairly intruiging. the gameplay falls slightly flat, however,feeling somewhat forced. the gameworld is, if you can ignore the constant context indicators, fairly immersive.

All that said, however, i have to address the elephant in the room. this is far and above the glitchiest game ive played this year. and its not small glitches, like the camera suddenly forgetting where its supposed to be during cutscenes, that force me to say this. its a horribly unforgivable glitch that should have never made it through quality testing. this glitch, im saddened to say, makes you utterly UNABLE to save your game. It literally dumped me right back at the start of the game, just after the prologue mission. this type of issue should have been something that Naughty Dogs caught and fixed before they sent the game to production. i don't know if time constraints forced this lack of quality assurance, or if someone just slipped up, but its ridiculous to think the company that made the much loved franchise Uncharted would allow such a glitch to exist without their knowledge.

Also, combat is so flawed its almost a hassle to have to fight. Your companions will often shoot you while trying to shoot the guy your currently fighting hand to hand. Guns are horrible to try to use, and stealth is only useful up until the point that either A) you bump into the guy your trying to sneak up on (can be avoided once you get the hang of the grab range) or B) your companions run right into an enemies line of sight.

The fact that you are forced to use stealth so often only worsens the issue. by far the most agitating part ive had to go through so far forces you to sneak through a room full of "Clickers". these agitating little fellars are instant death if you get too close, and track by noise so you cant sprint. you have to slowly creep around them. the reason this is so agitating is because i had to redo this part 5 times due to the terrible companion AI, which bumped into the buggers every time.

When the game does finally force you into combat, the pacing feels... wrong. melee combat is only really useful in one on one situations, so when your being swarmed by infected you kinda have to get a few swings in then run out of the group to avoid being swarmed. guns are useless in these situations since the aim reticule is a useless circle (dont know if that can be changed, havent found an option yet).

All in, i feel that while the game is fun to play, and quite graphically good as well, it seems rushed. I hate to say it, but i think Naughty Dogs should have taken more time on this one to iron out the kinks.

Thanks for reading, Hope you find this useful.