A game that's nice to play a few times but lacks in originality.

User Rating: 5.5 | The Incredible Hulk SMS
This game is one of those games that were released long after the master system had officially died. The main release being the Genesis one, this game got ported from that version which make this game a kind of stripped downscaled version. Sega's reasons for releasing this game on the old machine can be discussed... It is done by the prestigious Probe software house and you should expect an SMS game coming out in '94 to deliver more than earlier releases as developers learn how to push the machine to the max. Does/did The Incredible Hulk deliver? Read on…

Boring backgrounds, a little clumsy animation and sprites sum up the graphics. Standard platforms and lifts to take you places don't impress me much. The main sprite, The Hulk himself, looks good though and moves surprisingly nicely. One scenario, when The Hulk goes to hell (or something) is an exception as the colors change and the background and enemy sprites are more varied and cooler. The cut scenes are hastily made and not very good. The black writing inside the white box is awful, all in capitals and missing punctuation. Probably, this is a failing attempt to add to the comic-book feel. In all fairness, the intro when Bruce banner transforms into the hulk in "comic book frames" is to my liking and starts the game very nicely. I know it's an 8-bit machine and all and I guess what I'm trying to say is that the graphics probably aren't that bad but that they are boring. Very cool menu though!

Complete nonsense music that doesn't stick to your mind at all, bad sound effects and sounds. There are a few moments in the music when it stands out a bit more though.

Game play:
It's, as you might have guessed, easy to get into and easy to play. You have the normal, straight forward punch, the power induced uppercut and a jump-bash (Which you use to bash through walls and stone). Add to that a kind of chopping hit in waist-height. When enemies get too close to you, you get to head-butt them and sometimes in close quarters you kind of smash them on the head, which is cool. When you've turned into Bruce again you can use a gun, but you can only shoot two times before you need to reload. Unless you find a power up that turns you back into the Hulk again, you'll surely die quickly. As Bruce you can crawl into places that you can't reach as the Hulk too. The most annoying thing about this game is by far the sprite detection and collision programming. If you stand close to the waist-height ledges, you can't attack! This makes the coolest level of the game, where the Hulk fights in what appears to be hell, very frustrating as fire demons and lava worms run/crawl around on aforementioned ledges. The game is very easy except for the bosses that require a little strategy. I had to fight the second boss quite a few times before I figured him out. This game is actually enjoyable to play for a short while but the game play gets VERY repetitive which turns into boring after a while.

It's nice to play once but after you have completed it on all three difficulty levels like I have, there is nothing to come back for. Also, although a nice and cool looking menu, you only get one option and that is to set the difficulty level. The high-score table doesn't make up for the lack of options.

A game that's nice to play a few times but lacks in originality, decent music and sound, options, and challenge. Personally I can't understand why Probe didn't do better than this. It's definitely not Probe standard. Bear in mind that it's not a "real" master system release, but a conversion of a Genesis game.