Hulk smash! A lot. Which makes this game awesome.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction PS2
This game is violent. Not bad language violent, not smexy violent, not bloody violent. This game is violent for the vandalism you cause. You will leave this game feeling like an vandal. You will break benches, write graffiti, Desroy killer mechs, and fling tanks like pennies. Do those last two count as vandalism? I dunno but love doing it! This game has more destruction, carnage, explosions, screams of terror, blow ups, and everything else actiony used to describe stuff. You wil smash, Crash, Destroy, Stomp, punch, flick, pat, and clap your way to mores smolsering and flaming pieces of reckage than you can possibly imagine. Thats the descruption of the gameplay. It is awesome. You can not get enough of it. The graphics in this game are great but at the same time bad. It takes the full power of the playstation 2 to maintain the framerate and speed of the game with so much going on at same time. However the graphics are not very good to start. Even the cinamatics looks very bad. One cinamatic in particular looked very bad. The sdtory is the same as everything with the hulk. Find a cure to get rid of the hulk. But this time, a growing force in Banners mind is threateniing to destroy him. This is like the the normal hulk but he doesn't remember anything whe he changes into it. What is he called? The devil hulk,...yeah that was imaganitive. Any way. Bottom line: Gameplay is awesome beyond all reason. For a few days you will feel like trying to pick up a car and smashing it into boxing gloves. The graphics are okay but not very good. The game is rather short and the story isn't all that good either. It sounds like it sucks right? NO! The gameplay is so awesome you keep on playing the game for months just because you want to hear the explosions, screams of terror, and the smash, bash, and crash of the hulk's' rampage. Buy it, enjoy it, feel good about yourself, and throw a few cars just for fun. You won't regret it.