If you are expecting it to be better then the last then your going to be disappointed.

User Rating: 6 | The Incredible Hulk X360
I had high hopes for this game but was let down in the end. I enjoyed the first quite a bit. The graphics has afew issues that I wish that they would have taken care of first before release but every game has it issues but it could be worse. It had mini game on how far you can hit someone which I got addicted to quickly. This game was a let down when it came to the mini games. Yeah it did have some cool alternate looks like Red Hulk but im sorry but game play comes first. Some of the moves are fun to do but if you do too much damage then you get swarmed by people trying to kill you. The more damage you do the more powerful people come. Think of it like GTA but if you get too high of a warning level then I found the only way to escape would be to enter a mission and then quit. I wouldnt recommend buying this game while its around the price range of $40-$60 but when it drops to around $30 or so then it might be worth it. If you have the extra cash then fine but if there is another game that you may want then get that instead.