A great Hulk game coming from someone who hasn't played H: UD.

User Rating: 8 | The Incredible Hulk X360
Reading the forums I get a pretty clear picture that I missed out on an amazing game in Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Because that is all people can talk about, which makes sense considering the main character. What I do know is that the Incredible Hulk is a really fun sandbox style comic book game with a movie tie in. I will say, not having seen the movie yet, that this is one of the movie game cliche exceptions ... this game is actually really good!

I will say that when I initially loaded the game and was playing the first level I was pretty blown away with the voice work and the way they incorporate the actors from the movie. But, after the first level I started to feel a little disconnected from the story ... I knew what was going on but I found myself spending more time just running around the incredibly detailed and beautifully rendered city smashing things up and fighting the military and doing mini-games (which are quie fun!) and playing the mission levels intermittently. I will point out that the in game graphics are far superior to the cut scenes ... which look like they were made for the original XBOX. They are very plain and grainy in comparison to the AMAZING character models and beautiful, albeit repetitive city model. I found myself getting a little bored after and hour or so initially and ran into some sound glitches that eventually locked up my system (a problem that has hit a few other from what I read on the forums) so I shut it off to go to play something else feeling that the game was a decent investment that I could see playing off and on for quite a while. Until I came back a few hours later and haven't been able to put down the controller since. I am only taking time to write this while I eat breakfast and I will go back for some more HULK-SMASH action.

What I have experienced is that once you begin to get more powerful the game really shines and is a blast to play! The missions become more of a challenge but the reward is there and I am amazed at how may unlockables there are to play for and how the game keeps track of your progress. The game rewards you on top of your game score achievements and keeps you wanting to play on. So, what I initially thought was a fun game turned out to be a great game.

Some of the things I have noticed that are strange about this game are the people walking around the city don't take notice of you absolutely demolishing their city until you are standing a bout 2 feet from them. Than they react to you in a ton of different ways, which I thought was cool. There are also a MILLION taxi cabs in New York ... I guess I haven't been there in quite a while but it seems like 8 out of 10 cars is a taxi! Hulk can use the subway ... which in game purposes is cool, but creates a pretty messed up mental image of what it would be like if the Hulk were to be riding the subway with the general population ... Understanding full well that the developers want us to assume he is using the tunnels and not actually the train itself! finally the fact that everything in the game falls at the slightest touch and yet it takes an amazing amount of pounding by fist, power slams or vehicles to destroy an Army armored vehicle ... these are only a few of the amusing events I have run into in my time playing. While some may bash this game for these things saying they take away from the realism of the game, consider the fact that you are playing as a big green man who can take and dish out incredible amounts of wanton destruction and yet can still fit into his pants while being the Hulk and after! It all adds to the comic book nature of living with a superhero I guess?

As I mentioned earlier, I have run across some glitches from sound, clipping, lock-up (only happened the one time) and weird animation hiccups when I happen to fall into water ... and yes, I do know that Hulk can't swim and should stay clear of water. These are fault that I believe could have been fixed over time but do not deter from this being a very fun game to play.

As stated earlier, I am looking at this game with fresh eyes not having played Ultimate Destruction and loving every minute of it! The best comparison I can make to it is Crackdown ... If you liked Crackdown and wished you could destroy even more things, than you will love this game. The Incredible Hulk does have flaws (I have yet to find a game without any) but they do not deter from having a really fun HULK-SMASHING time!