Incredible Potential and Incredibly Derivative!

User Rating: 6 | The Incredible Hulk X360
This game does a great job letting you destroy things, including the buildings of New York. This really helps you feel like you are the incredible Hulk, rampaging through the city. There is a decent about of upgrades that the Hulk can get as you complete objectives in the game, abilities like Increased Jump Distance, Improved Health, and all new abilities like Gama Regeneration, Ground Slam, and Shockwave attacks.

For the collectors there are a ton of things to do and find n the City. There are Comic Book Covers to collect, 20+ landmark locations that you collect by destroying them, 100 Health and 100 Rage Canisters. There are also 15 Jump Rings that are needed to get certain abilities. Also there are many actions that you can perform that will unlock abilities as well, like destroying 100 cars, destroying 10,000 items in the city, jumping 20+ Miles, Running 20+ miles, etc, etc… All of this adds to the feeling of improving Hulk's abilities.

The enemies are OK, mostly guys with guns and armored cars. There are some powered armor suits and helicopters. There are also 4 super villains that show up in the mid game, and they are fun to fight. There are also 4 different sections of an evil group that is bent on world domination. You will have the opportunity to destroy their facilities and troops that are a bit more interesting than the military, with weapons like Concussion Rifles, bio plagues, and force fields. They get harder as the game progresses.

The story vaguely follows the movie storyline, but it feels un-finished. Like they started working with Full Cut Scenes, and then ran out of time and switched over to static images with voice overs without the CG Cut Scenes.

While there are many things they did right, the game just feels unpolished and buggy. Crash bugs and frequent visual glitches detract from the over all feeling that this is a good game. In the end, what could have been a great game, just feels average.

With that said, if you can pick up a cheep copy, it is easily worth $20 wait to rent it or pick it up in the bargain bins.

Final Score: 6.0