great game-ROCKS

User Rating: 9 | The House of the Dead III XBOX
I've always had a thing for zombie games and movies the original house of the dead arcade game brought me into the universe of crappy acting and awesome gore or also called the B-movie i only remember some parts of night of the living dead-the movie- but from wut i can remember is the acting and the sub par gore. the house of the dead franchise is somewhat in some weird way similer to all those crappy zombie flicks the similarites are the acting,overthe top gore and shoddy plotline but all things considered a very enjoyable game if u had the quarters to pay for it. now 6 years later they came out with two sequels and one VERY VERY horrible movie. all that aside the gameplay set in house of the dead remains next to flawless its still fun and ill keep on playing for some time. i only recommend this game if u liked HOTD1 and 2 or if u just wanna shoot the crap outta something before dinner so decide wisely. -Sather