what the hells this?

User Rating: 1 | The House of the Dead III PC
the worst house of the dead you will ever play, the zombies have now gone high tech, the boss is a security guard and a robot, who saw that coming?!

the game is a total let down, the graphics may be good but honestly, zombies are zombies not half robot half alien. or they would have called it "house of the cyborgs"

the story goes way over the top, first of all the zombie outbreak started, let see in 1995, and in 2040 or w/e the guy who started at 1995 only just had a child, because shes 20 and that other guy must be old...

the story is all weird from the fact, the weird dude with glasses has not aged a bit, he is not half zombie yet, yet...he should be a corpse himself...or if you want it a robot

this game is horrid it is broken and well its just disastrous nothing like the classic house of the dead

in the end this game get a 1/10