A fun arcade shooting title.

User Rating: 8 | The House of the Dead III PC
This is another enjoyable HotD title.

I don't know what to say about this game except it's a fun arcade shooter.Using a mouse to aim your weapon is so much easier than using a controller like console shooters make you do.You'll need to shoot zombies and creatures before they reach you/attack you and you'll need to shoot projectiles they throw at you and the screen automatically takes you to where you go next.For a bit of variety there is some sections where you can choose the path you want to take.You can fire your shotgun ridiculously fast and set it to auto reload.

The zombies will eventually start coming at you in big numbers and there's creatures that move fast and some can move across the ceiling and leap at you and there's flying creatures and enemies that will suddenly appearin front of you out of nowhere and you'll have a split second to kill them.

If you get hit by an enemy,you'll lose a life,simple as that.You can take a number of hits(lives) per credit and if you want to beat the game you can increase your lives to 5 per credit and increase your credits to a total of 9.

There is also mid level bosses and boss fights at the end of each level.The boss fights require you to disable them(so they can't attack you)as well as shoot their weak spot to kill them.

The graphics are gorey in a colorful/comical way and has a nice style.The blood splatters all over the place and you'll see big pieces of of the enemies being blown out when you shoot them and you'll see limbs being blown off and holes being blown through them.

You can change the setttings to make the blood different colors.

The enemies look smooth and the environments look detailed and smooth and have a nice artstyle,it's gothic while being comical at the same time.

You'll see over the top arcade style physics such as enemies being knocked back great distances and in the same way by your gunshots and every axe that is thrown at you will spin at perfect 180 angles towards you and other nice details such as the legs on bug creatures crawling up after they die.

The gunshots sound like in most arcade shooters,not realistic but loud and creates an enjoyable arcade style shooter atmosphere.You hear the shotgun being pumped everytime you shoot.

You'll hear bullets deflecting off metal and other places that they cannot penetrate.

The music has a nice arcade style and the voice acting is simple,but clear and straight to the point.

You will probably finish this game the first day you play it so unless you really love arcade shooters(which will increase it's replay value) or want to play this game with friends,I wouldn't recommend paying too much money for this game,but it's a fun game.