A fun arcade game that will keep and keep as long as you can keep challenging yourself.

User Rating: 8 | The House of the Dead III PC
House of the dead 3 is a PC port of the popular arcade game. To start the gameplay here is simple shoot the zombies! While that sounds boring there is plenty of variations to diverse the shooting. Like the way certain zombies attack in different ways (suprise,suprise). But the replay value here is good for you can explore different areas at different times this adjusts the zombies you see and in fact certain enemies can only be seen by playing an area in a specific order. Also the add to the replay value is the addition of Time Attack, this is not a good mode for newcomers as you have to destroy all zombies on the screen as quick as you can to earn time bonuses. This timer decreases with each hit taken and when the timer goes down to 0 it's game over. A unique concept that mode is but after you've beaten the game under all difficulties and finished Time Attack mode that's about it it lacks the HOTD2 bonus that the Xbox version had so if you're very good at this type of game it'll tire fast. On a brighter note the graphics are the best I've seen on the PC and depending how much power your PC is packing you can make it even shinier. My PC tends to lag a little whenever I set the graphics above defualt (but befault looks good anyway) but the lag isn't big enough to ruin the game. In closing HOTD3 is a good arcade game that thanks to it's Time Attack mode will provide a challenge for experienced players and it's adjustible setting allow the game to be easier for newcomers. A game for all light-gun game fans from the beginner to the handgun god.