Skyrim: The most engaging and immersive RPG.

User Rating: 10 | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim X360
I did not purchase Skyrim on that unique date of 11-11-11. I purchased just before Thanksgiving and the initial play wasn’t compatible with the season's focus on family. It was during my employer's year-end shutdown that my commitment to the first few hours sparked a fascination that has yet to be equaled. From character creation, story, and open world exploration it first lured me in, then it became a world I'll never forget. It is the only game of its size that I completed 96% and, along the way, I obtained the coveted Level 81. The number of hours would be embarrassing to admit if not for the endless fun experienced during no less than 400-hours of gameplay. Honestly, it’s not "as fun" today with all the goodness packed into Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) - a game I have not finished... yet. There was a solitude playing Skyrim lacking in ESO. A beauty in the mountainous snow that veiled trolls, wolves, Daedra, and the Dark Brotherhood. And to think I almost hesitated to invest in the first few hours. If you have not ventured into Skyrim and are willing to overlook the dated character creation the XBox One X Enhanced Edition is the place to start. - Shaitan, Level 81 Wood Elf and Master Forger