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  • blackdog144 wrote a review of Titanfall (Xbox One Bundle).
    User Rating 7
    Good but missing a lot.

    First of there is no campaign. That pretty much killed it. It's a 100% online game with no campaign. Multiplayer is COD with Mechs which is fun in short bursts but gets old very fast. I like the game...

  • blackdog144 wrote a review of Halo 4.
    User Rating 9
    Best Halo since CE

    When it comes to Halo, Halo: CE is on the top of my list. Halo 4 would be 2nd best with regards to a more all around game. Campaign and Multiplayer were more polished then Reach and Halo 3 making it ...

  • blackdog144 wrote a review of Halo: Reach.
    User Rating 8
    Most hours put into halo then any other halo game.

    With that being said, the campaign was OK at best. ODST was the worst in my opinion and Reach comes in 2nd worst. It was fun to play through once but I never touched the campaign again after I beet i...

  • blackdog144 wrote a review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
    User Rating 7
    Not as good as oblivion in my opinion.

    I like the game but only put in 80 hours and got to level 46 with my character. With Oblivion I put in 180 hours and got to level 36. Skyrim was good but it didn't have that Elder Scrolls feel as muc...

  • blackdog144 posted a message in the forum topic Halo MCC or COD AW?. on the Xbox Association board

    Halo. All the COD games are pretty much the same.