Magnificent futuristic sci-fi adventure starring Tia Carrere and Christian Bocher as two witty deep space explorers.

User Rating: 9.7 | Daedalus Episode 1: Nanpasen no Alien 3DO
In Daedalous Encounter, you play the role of Casey, a soldier in a futuristic war in space, whose combat wounds have "killed" his body.
His brain, however, was kept alive and placed in a robotic mechanism that appears similar to an extremely large Junior Mint with a lens, arm, Yes/No light, built-in laser gun, and devices to hover through the air.

Disappointed at their failed attempts to find work in the post-war environment, they decide to travel to a far-off planet, where their adventure awaits them.

The gameplay consists of a series of puzzles, a few shooting sequences, and plenty of wisecracking between Ari (Tia Carrere) and Zack (Christian Bocher) inbetween.

The FMV sequences comprise the majority of the game, and rightfully so.
Most of what comprises the game's appeal involve the humorous dialogue between the two main characters (though Casey gets a Yes/No light, he has no voice function)

Another interesting fact is that while the 3DO version consists of fullscreen FMV, the PC version uses a round-shaped video interface to simulate Casey's lens.
The PC version also has a save-game glitch that is fixed in the 3DO port.

I highly recommend purchasing a 3DO if you haven't already, and buy this game if you do so.
It is a rare occasion when the console version of a game improves upon the PC version, but this game has.

Blessed Be