Nice idea, horrible execution.

User Rating: 3 | Daedalus Episode 1: Nanpasen no Alien 3DO
OK so this game was released in the mid-90s, and I'm just now playing it in 2010. Sue me!

I saw this as I was browsing through the games at the local used books/game/video store, and it seemed like an interesting idea. Plus, it has Tia Carrere, and that alone is enough to convince me.

I tried playing this game. I tried several times. Never did figure out how to save my progress, but apparently it'll automatically save at certain points. Just not frequent enough for me. And if I ever went to the main menu in mid-game, forget about going back in the game and continuing. Nope, you have to start all over again from your last save point! That was what made me quit this game. I'd go to the main menu to turn up the game volume, or to save, then have to start way back where I started! I tried that a few times, thinking that I was just overlooking something, but realized that no, it's not me, it's the game.

The game is also very slow and choppy, even on a PC that's 13 years newer than the ones it was meant to play on. Sometimes it'll just crash, for no particular reason.

And there's not much "game" to it, either. It's mostly a cheesy movie you watch and then press a button here or there occasionally as you're prompted by someone in the movie.

Nice idea, horrible execution! Trust me on this, you don't see enough Tia to justify trying to play this glitchy mess. Only reason I rated it a 3 is because it has Tia.