If you're looking for a first person stealth game masterpiece,then this is for you.

User Rating: 10 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - Developer's Cut PC
I love this game,it's a masterpiece of art! Alright,let's get started! You play as Riddick,a highly wanted criminal which Johns,a mercenary is taking to Butcher Bay,a triple max prison. When you get off the ship and then Johns says:"Hey! You go where i say,when i say!". Then you go talk to him,and then Johns says:"Hey! Don't f****** move!",you can say one of two things,but it doesn't matter. Johns says to another prisoner:"Hey! You go where i say,when i say!" and the prisoner responds:"But i just wanted too look around!". Then another prisoner or the same prisoner,I'm not sure,whispers:"Hey! Johns has his back at you! attack him!". Then you can see instructions in the upper right corner saying:"[F1] Help". But it shows the picture of the F1 button. You're supposed to break his neck,but i think the game encourages you to do it silently. This is a tutorial level if you didn't know,so i wont spoil it for you. When he wakes up,he is released from the straps and then taken into butcher bay. Abott says:"Prisoner walking! Now pay attention,punk! You are now butcher bay prisoner (i forgot the number). Remember your number. Remember the rules,my rules!" "Ok! Close the gate!" "No physical contact with other inmates whatsoever! No contraband of any kind! Don't ask whats contraband,i define it day by day!" Prisoner:"Abott! When you drop that fish into it's new tank we gotta talk! It's 'bout the Aquilas" Abott:"Don't worry! I got Rust by the balls!" Prisoner:"Who's the new guy?" (sort of interruption) Abott:"Names Riddick,thinks his s*** don't stink" Prisoner:"THE Riddick?" Abott:"Go back into your cell Jack!" well,there's more but i don't wanna spoil it. You get deloused,then you wait 'till your cell opens (in the meantime Riddick say's somethings)and then your cell opens. The game began. (Note:the swearing is not censored in the game.).