There were lots of things they did that are hypocritical. Also, the controls have worsened.

User Rating: 5 | The Bigs 2 WII
There were several things that they did that are hypocritical. They have placed too many limits, especially attributes on and the number of custom players. Only the developers' custom players and some of the famous MLB stars have special powerups. You cannot create any custom teams either, while the developers already did. You could easily tell the developers were being complete hypocrites in this game.

The controls have worsened as well. Since the Wii MotionPlus is not used, all controls were highly inaccurate. The contextual minigames and the all new Big Slam go by too fast and are also too difficult. The players were also disobedient very frequently, especially the runners that intentionally get themselves out and the batter that swings randomly. Pickoffs are now impossible. You still cannot catch a runner stealing, meaning that every computer steal will be successful. You can't sprint either.

It would have been great if some of the easier game controls, including picking off and sprinting returned. It also would have been great if all the limits have vanished so that everyone can create custom leagues with a choice between custom rules and the original AL/NL rules, custom teams with fully personalized jerseys (out of templates) and filled it with custom players with all 5 legendary attributes (along with additional powerups including "+5 All for Team"), custom ballparks to set as a home stadium for custom teams, custom challenges and events (such as scenarios, stat challenges, boss battles, series, and more), recorded games so that it can be viewed again and also published online, an arm minigame (seriously, Tulowitzki has amazing arm and should have his own minigame), and more.

There still do happen to be good things in the game, including easier steal controls and double steals, legendary catches, tug of war minigames (could have been better if it applied for all bases), nastier pitches, and easier traning minigames (glove and speed were the hardest in the original The Bigs).