Overall, a very disappointing game.

User Rating: 2.5 | The Bigs 2 WII
I decided to rent the bigs 2, because i enjoyed the bigs and it was supposed to be much improved, with a new season mode and an updated roster plus a new become a legend mode, Sadly it did not live up to my expectations. While season mode was a good add-on, the gameplay actually got a lot worse from the first of the series. There is no shaking the remote and nunchuk to run, speed depends on the player 100%. Speed happens to differ greatly with different players. For example Jacoby Ellsbury would get or triple or inside-the-park-home run on a ball hit in the gap, while prince fielder would get a single. All you do when running is when close to the base swing the remote down, and the player will slide. There are also big slams. After collecting 125,000 points {an easy feat with legendary catches and big heat strikes} you get to activate the big slam. Four batters in a row come up with one pitch each. If any of the first three hit the ball, it is automatically a single, if the fourth batter hits it, it will be a grand slam{ if all 3 reached, if not it will be a solo, two-run, etc.} Because of this and other reasons the score of games reach ridiculosly high proportions. Another thing about the Bigs 2 on the wii is the graphics, The wii's graphics for the bigs2 are horrendously bad, so much that you can barely read players special bonuses. There is also legendary catches. Players with a legendary glove can fly over the field and jump 15 feet over the wall to rob home runs and other hits. It makes a game extremely annoying if you cant hit a normal home run, because thir feilder will jump over the wall. Its the same with every fielder. The first and third basemen can jump over the dugout. In fact after their catch, they will stand on top of the dugout. If you thoroughly enjoyed the bigs, and want to get the bigs 2, rent it first, because you might be sorely disappointed.