Much improved from THE BIGS 1

User Rating: 8 | The Bigs 2 WII
This game was surprisingly improved. They made much better controls (although taking out sprint was weird), put where players are hot which makes the game a lot mor in depth, not so much of a homerun all the time now, the catches at the wall aren't just luck u actually do stuff when there in the stands, new turbo meter that helps a lot, new legendary stars (better then 5 stars) which makes the game really fun, matsusaka has the gyro ball, season mode and many more mini games, become a legend seems a little better, more even for pitcher vs. batter. The minigames are surprisingly really fun. They are much more fun then the original bigs minigames. The homerun pinball is really fun. New season mode which adds depth to the game and when ur done become a legend theres this to play. The multiplayer is even funner. The graphics didn't change much but there a tiny bit more detail. There isn't the hoping over the fence all the time because it's much harder to catch and its harder to hit homers. There are now legendary catches which only legendary gloves can catch. Buy the game, the only upset is really the no online mode but this is now super fun single player and multiplayer. It is worth a buy to people who enjoyed the first game in the series.