Save Minokind! You can too! Ask me how!

User Rating: 8.4 | Tetris Worlds XBOX
Tetris evolves, just like Spider-Man did in ‘The Other’ (cough-ptui). With six new Tetris modes, tetris Worlds is as good as they come.

STORY: Minokind (the residents of a planet) are facing the ultimate crisis. Apparently their sun will go supernova far sooner than expected. As a result, they begin a doomsday evacuation of their planet, replanting the seeds of Minokind in a distant galaxy. The question is: Who will go? Who will be left behind? And most importantly, who is making these decisions? Er, sorry, wrong game.

Anyway, you must open the hyper-galactic stargates which will allow the Minos to teleport into six other planets. How do you do that? Why, by playing Tetris of course! (and no, I’m not making all that up)

Nothing funcy. Six pictures with little movement, changing every time you pass a “rank”. Still, they do the job, and personally I find it a heck of a lot better than having the Tetris “box” on an empty blank screen.

Various disco and hip-hop songs. Nothing fancy, but it fills the ears, and in case you don’t like it, you can put your favourite mp3s. There is a female announcer who whispers your achievements as well as the time limit in a very comfortable tone, thus sparing your nerves when you’re about to lose.

It’s ... Tetris.

In all seriousness though, besides the Tetris classic, there are five variations. Others I liked (like Hot-line and Fusion Tetris) while others (Sticky Tetris) were a bit annoying. If you want to save the Minos, you must achieve Rank 11 on each of the six worlds. You gain a rank by clearing the desired number of lines WITHIN the time limit. Otherwise the game goes to the next level, but without you gaining a rank. All in all, it’s not THAT hard to achieve 11th Rank (Sticky Tetris was the only variation that tested my nerves), and before you know it, all of Minokind will owe it’s safety to you.

It was weird to have a Tetris with a storyline, but I must admit it was nice of the programmers to draw a line where “enough is enough” as far as levels go.
If you want to play Tetris (and do not own any Tetris game) I see no reason not to buy Worlds, unless of course, you don’t like the game itself. Frankly, I’m glad I bought it. Happy playing!