Well it is Tetris

User Rating: 6.5 | Tetris Worlds XBOX
Okay, so this is basically a collection of different ways to play Tetris. Some fall flat, I am not a big fan of cube Tetris. Others just add a different twist to the game.
To tell you the truth, I can easily play classic tetris for hours and enjoy the fact that my music is going on in the background.
Sometimes I start a game just because I bought a new cd and want to do something while I listen to it. Have you ever played while listening to a Stephen King audio book?
If you start it at the right point it actually syncs up with the book Cujo.
I knew the hardest part of writing this review would be figuring out how to say, yup it's Tetris and it is still addictive and fun, while using 1oo, I mean, one hundred words. It's not like you can talk about the graphics. It's Tetris. The blocks look like blocks. The controls were very responsive. That was good.