With all of the better Tetris games out there today, you should probably leave this one on the shelf.

User Rating: 5 | Tetris Worlds GBA
There are games out there that get positive reception from a majority of the gaming press, but from the rest, negative. This game is one of them. Seriously, a 2.1? I think that is a little too harsh, judging from the rest of the reviews.

I'm gonna start out this review by saying "This game isn't awful." Your welcome THQ, you have the right to put that on the box. However, the game does have problems as this review will show.

There are different modes to play, like regular Tetris, Sticky, Fusion, Hot-Line, Square, and Cascade. However, these modes were very lackluster. All these modes do will change the type of blocks. In Tetris DS the goals were different for every mode. There were some modes where there were different objectives, like Hot Line, Fusion, Sticky, but that's it.

There is also a link mode but the two of you both need the same game. I wish there was a single game pak mode.

The Verdict

Overall this Tetris game is my least favorite one. Is it worth buying? Well, with all of the better Tetris games today, I wouldn't buy it. I would go with Tetris DS or Tetris Party Deluxe.

The Final Score: