The cheat only works if you use it. Otherwise, it's still Tetris.

User Rating: 7 | Tetris Worlds GBA
I had some store credit after recent trade-in run to get games for my new DS, so I grabbed Tetis Worlds to bring back that old-school Nintendo handheld feeling. I was somewhat shocked when I saw a review of 2.1 here upon adding it to my collection. No, there is no "classic mode" that re-creates the 198X NES/Game Boy Mono versions of the game, but the marathon mode comes close. Yes, there is a flaw that CAN effectively nullify Tetris' challenge. However, if you don't use it, and off the hold piece and "target", you're left with a fairly timeless version of Russia's best export since vodka and mailorder brides. There's plenty of modes to be found here, but I inveriably end up playing plain old Tetris. Passes time in the old purple GBA on the bus. I find the Hot Line mode to be most challenging. Not much to say about the's Tetris with a lame screensacer behind it. The sound is great, mainly because the sound loops are "remixes" of all the old Tetris standards. Don't let the crappy reviws scare you away...If you have a Tetris itch and 5-10 bucks, go ahead and pick it up. You'll play it, and like it.