Tetris Attack is a surprisingly good game; even people who don't like puzzle games will be attracted to it.

User Rating: 10 | Tetris Attack SNES
I forgot just how much I loved this game until I went to review. I was reluctant to give it a perfect score, but all in all, the game _earned_ it. It's truly the best puzzle game ever made, and here's why:

Although not quite Tetris (in fact, this a redone Japanese game called Panel de Pon), it does share a bit with it, but improves upon its repetitiveness by making it more of a versus game in which you're not only trying to get through all of your blocks, but attacking your opponent by clearing blocks and defending yourself, too. Seriously, the gameplay is flawless.

But so is everything else. The graphics aren't a technical achievement, but it is among the best when it comes to SNES eyecandy. And the soundtrack -- it might just be the best thing about the game. It's chock-full of great, get-stuck-in-your-head-and-show-no-mercy melodies. EVERY song is great.

And this game will last. It's a great multiplayer experience, but the single player game is not lacking anything, especially with the endless and puzzle modes. It's a shame that they didn't redo every Panel de Pon game in this manner, because this game is really a winner...