Gargantua BLAAAAARRRRRG! Good times. Good times.

User Rating: 9 | Tetris Attack SNES
Something tells me that this game wasn't very well known, which would be a shame if it is true. This is near nothing like Tetris. Yes speed increases as time goes by and the game ends when at least one block touches the top of the screen, but those are basically the only similarities to Tetris. Other than that, this game is the first of its kind (Afterwards came Pokemon: Puzzle League and Puzzle Challenge, both also great games. And there's another one for the DS. I forgot the name, though.) This game has many modes of gameplay. For 1P, there are 5 games:

1. (I forgot the name. Sorry. I haven't played this game in at least 2 years.) This is one of the two storyline modes. Weird, huh? TWO storyline modes. And believe it or not, this is the shorter storyline mode. Then why is it the first one on the list? Well, you make up your mind. Well anyway, this game consits of 6 levels with 1 special stage and 1 final boss (guess who). The special stage and final boss are the same stage, but you don't have to beat the special stage. (If it's your first time playing and you do, you are God.) Each level's introduction teaches you a tip about the game except for the 2 stand-alone stages.

2. Vs. Mode. I don't know why this one is called Vs. Mode because this has a bigger storyline. THIS is the main game. This one involves Yoshi freeing all of his pals from You-know-who's evil clutches (no, not Voldemort). This time around, you don't have the helpful hints that you can probably find in the tutorials, you're expected to know all of that by now. There are 3 difficulties and 1 hidden difficulty. Of course the hidden one is the hardest. (Code: Hold L, R, + Up together, I think. Again, it's been awhile) 3. Endless. My favorite. Basically because it's nonstop with gradually increasing difficulty. However, the only way to really challenge yourself is to see how long you last on HARD and if you can reach the prestigious 99,999 points and listen to the end credits music made solely for those who achieved that level of awesomeness. Anyway there are 3 difficulties, but no hidden ones this time. You play until you die, AKA, 1 or more blocks touch the top of the screen. You can choose from the 6 "main" story levels. It doesn't really matter where you go as far as gameplay goes.

4. Time Trial. Basically Endless mode reduced to 2 minutes. This is my least favorite basically for that reason. You play for two minutes. Then the game ends. Then if you want to play again, you have to wait to play it again. This is more of a test to see how many points one can score in two minutes. I've never been able to score over 10,000 in anything above EASY. It's tough. Anyway there are also 3 difficulty levels in this one. Except that no matter what, you will always have the blue upside-down triangle. 5. Puzzle. Something you'd probably expect in this kinda game nowadays. This is actually pretty fun. Although this can get frustrating. I found it impossible to complete past the 5th world. It's like story mode, except the are 10 levels per world but there's no time limit.

Other gameplay notes: Stop mode may seem annoying when playing the really easy levels because you get a lot of time for making the smallest moves and you find that you have to keep tapping L or R just to make it stop because there's nothing left to do, but trust me, time is of the essence in the later levels. You will need it. It is good that they put it in, and the makers are reasonable with the stop time limits. In Vs. mode, stop time is also very important and it is also the only case where you can have blocks over the top of the screen and still be in the game, but not for long, which makes Vs. Mode one of the most intense games There's gotta be a better way to say that.

Graphics are amazingly awesome for an SNES game. Backgrounds are great, visuals in general are great, and everything seems to run smoothly. I wanna say that the whole time lag chain was a messup, but that's one of the kind of chain combos mentioned, so I wanna say that they planned it. So everything seemed to go to plan. As well it should. This is a pretty simple game after all. Music is catchy, but that's about it. Although Bowser's music sounds like it was done by a marching band. Not that that makes a difference.

The games are addicting for the most part. If you have a competitive friend or family member in my case, you can go at this game for awhile. With the many different games to play, you've got a fairly long lasting game.

This is classic. Fast-moving and just addicting as anything. It's great and this was really long.