This is the Perfect Blend of Fighting, Cinematics, High Scores, volleyball and Everything Conceivable in a Video Game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Tekken 3 (PlayStation the Best) PS
'This is the perfect blend of fighting, cinematics, high scores, volleyball and everything Conceivable in a video game.'

Gameplay: Gameplay is stunning. There are so many combos and moves to master it would take months to master all of them. The physics engine is superb becasue the physics are so realistic that the engine is so hard to fault. There are many maps and so many characters. The Variety of Gameplay here is quite astronomical moving from a one on one fight to some kind of volleyball game where you get to smash balls at guy to a side scrolling, 'Against the clock game where you must complete it in a certain amount of time. Agian it's astronomical.

Graphics: Graphics a Crips and succulent. They make you want to seriosuly be in the game( no matter how painful it would be) and touch some of the environaments, they are that good! The character models are luscious with all the bouncing goodness which is Namco. Agian the environmanets are gorgeous varying from deserts to forests to temples. The animations are great with realistic fighting styles playing out as they would in real life.

Sound: The sound is spine-tingling good. The sound in this game may be its weak point (if there is one) becasue some of the noises the characters make are a bit tedious after a while. For example Paul's noise that he always makes when he does a move( i think there only one) is some kind of "Boorack". Who knows what the hell that means, but i know for sure that i don't. Other than that the sound musical scores are good ranging from a slow calm meadow to a fast paced techno beat. The voice acting in this game is also noticeably weak. Although i have to give credit to Namco for making excellent background noises. For example you can hear random birds and other creatures when in some locations. Pretty good stuff.

Value: This game Seriously lasted me a good 100-200 hours. No ball, i couldn't put it down until i had mastered every move, unlocked everyone/thing, defeated everyone/thing, Captured Every token, beat every high score it is that addicting! Again there are plenty Unlockables in Tekken 3 that will make you come back for more and more and more. It is also noticeable in this game that there are different ways of unlocking some charterers so there may be replay value for you there, by creating different profiles and maybe trying them all out. Theoretically this game lasts forever becasue Gons ending (when you finish arcade) is infinite, meaning you could just sit there watching, it rolling over and over and over. But why do that when you can play Tekken 3.

Reviewer's Tilt: I Haven't seriosuly loved a game as much as i did Tekken 3 for quite some time and i'll tell you why, This is the perfect blend of fighting, cinematics, high scores, Volleyball and everything conciveable in a video game. If you haven't played this game ever and you call yourself a sony fanboy. Think again. You don't know what your missing and i can never start do describe the felling you get when pulling off that 'one' move, beating that one high score, or finally 0\/\//\/1/\/9 your best friened. Never ever, ever.

Conclusion: Tekken3 is quite simply one of the Greatest 3D fighting games and quite frankly one of the greatest fighting games ever.

The official Review for Tekken 3 from CloneTrooper501