An Underrated Classic from Capcom on the Dreamcast

User Rating: 8.5 | Choukousenki Kikaioh DC
The port from the Arcade onto the Sega Dremcast back in the early 2000s, Tech Romancer was a fun and energetic "mecha" style fighting game with a colourful cast of characters.

It has many modes including Story and "Hero Challenge" and 9 mecha's of play with 3 hidden types.

The story mode doesn't feature much but tells personality with each character, technically it's 2 pics of the characters talking (in Japanese with english subtitles) with their mecha robots in the background.

The fight system is pretty simple with blasting yells from the pilots and when your opponent is nearly finished, you can use a combonation to execute a finishing move, though you could miss your opponent by moving, but if you do attack on the opponent, you get to enjoy their last exsistance before blowing up to hear the announcer say incoherent language. The Finishing moves vary between robots based on personality, though some are random and also hilarious.

The Graphics are pretty good for it's time, the pilots (in anime style through conversations) are pretty unique and sharp looks of a colourful anime still picture.

Music is pretty decent and the Japanese voice overs are well-fitted with the pilots in the game.

This is an underrated classic on the Dremcast by Capcom besides the "Power Stone" games, it may not be suprising but a well delevoped fighter.