Tech Romancer is a one of a kind 3D fighter worth the attention of Dreamcast owners.

User Rating: 8 | Choukousenki Kikaioh DC
3D fighting games on the Dreamcast are hit or miss most are quite mediocre but Tech Romancer is one of the best. The production value is fantastic as it sports terrific voice acting and graphics. It has a much different feel from typical 3D fighters like soul caliber. The way this game works is that there are two attack buttons and combining them with the trigger buttons allows for different variations and super moves. Some attacks when timed correctly and your opponent has low enough health, will outright kill them in a grand finally. The story mode is the highlight of the game and each character has his/her own branching story line. Different paths are unlocked by finishing a battle under certain conditions such as picking up less than two items or finishing off an enemy quickly. They game is quite challenging at first but once you get a hang of how to use the special moves you are sure to have tons of fun with this game. Who doesn't love giant robots fighting each other? I can easily recommend this game to fighting fans and gamers who like Japanese animation. This game is unique and offers a lot of replay value and bonus content.