Overall, a game that overpromises and extremely underdelivers.

User Rating: 6.5 | Team Fortress 2 PC
Well, I got into the beta, here are my thoughts.

Team Fortress Classic was a fantastic game, but it suffered from being too advanced for noob players. I picked it up on the tail end of half life (during launch of Half-Life 2) and I constantly got whooped and beaten. Eventually I got a hang on things and started to do some damage myself.

With Team Fortress 2, the graphics style is completely revamped, but that is it. You have the same characters and types of weapons, with some dramatic changes, but they aren't for the better. For example, as a heavy you have 400 health (minimum is 125 for the characters), but it only takes 2 hits to kill you sometimes. It’s a weird thing where no matter what happens if you don't have a medic healing you or some smart intelligent gamers on your side, you will just get rolled on. The reason, weapons are horrible. They don't do well at long range at all, even the sniper has troubles. Also, every secondary weapon is usually the shotgun, and it is such a horrible gun. The other secondary gun is a pistol (for those who start with a shotgun) and it is one of the most ridiculous guns I have ever seen. It doesn't even shoot in the cross hairs. As for other characters, the pyro is possibly the most well rounded, but he just does not have enough ammo, and his gun doesn't kill the enemies fast enough (solid 5-10 second spray, using all your ammo). With the sniper, the gun just feels loose. Meaning, you can’t really aim properly because the sensitivity on the gun is so much higher then the rest of the game (move farther, in game while barely moving your mouse). The heavy has the same guns as before, but he moves so slowly. Another thing that irked me was the modeling for the characters using the shotgun (which all of them do). You see the heavy, he has these huge hands and a small gun, but then you go to the pyro, engineer, etc. and the hands are just as huge. One of the most unbalanced characters is the demo man. Both his guns are grenade types that you have to wait for them to explode (or right click), and you never, ever, have a thing for close range because every other character can over power him. the engineer is a solid character, except for the fact that the machine gun and such get destroyed almost instantly, unless it is from a distance (using a rocket will destroy it then, also the sniper takes them out in 2 hits). The scout is probably the best character for novice players but he just gets railed because he has that inaccurate shotgun. In this game the only midrange gun is the snipers secondary weapon. You can shoot someone 15 ft away now, which isn't all that far.

From that hopefully you can see my frustrations. Also, the way steam implemented the achievements and statistics really bogs down the load times, and for a PC game it shouldn't take more then 1 min to get into a match, but it does on here.

Now I know this is a beta, but with steam I doubt it will change a whole lot.

To end this review let me talk about graphics, holy hell is there aliasing. The lines aren't thick enough on some places and everything comes out as if it were a pile of razor blades. the filtering on this game is poor compared to every other steam game I play, and it makes me wonder why in the hell this game has taken 9 years and turned out to be a pile of ****.

Graphics: 6.5/10, from the videos and the screen shots, the hype, this game does not deliver what we have seen (like the Simpson game).

Gameplay: 7/10, it is Team Fortress Classic version 2, but not a source standard steam game.

Feel/Control: 5/10, standard controls, but not user friendly for a steam game. Balancing of characters/weapons is horrible.

Sound: 9/10, probably the only solid aspect of the game.

Pricepoint: 5/10, 45 bucks for this mod in orange box, and 30 bucks separately. Only a moron would buy it separately.
Overall: 32.5/50 or 65%