FIBRIL FIBRIL! probably the best Tales game ever created by celestians.. err humans.

User Rating: 10 | Tales of Eternia PSP
Plot is great, allowing you to explore two different worlds is a great plus. combat system, though simple, is fun and exciting, it lets you use almost all of the buttons in psp.

characters are likable, almost all of them have their own stories to tell its so its like reading a book while playing game. (eww nerdy lol)

grinding is quite easy as well since there is an item that you can use to either repel or attract monster, the item that attract monsters is quite useful if you want to level your character and obtain new skills.

Story is Amazing, the story between two worlds that is having conflict because of betrayal? sounds like a normal RPG game right? well not, once you play the game you will find out that a hero can also be a villain. (trying to resist the urge of providing the name of the said hero.. LOL)

graphics are.. well the standard 2d graphics and 3d environment of the Tales series, that is why some hardcore graphics gamers diss this game.

Sounds/Music is great! specially the load game screen, sometimes i close my eyes and imagine that im in celestia (ew nerdy again lol)

overall rating:
Graphics: 7
Gameplay: 9
Sounds: 8
Replay Value: 9
Story: 9