A very cool game,recommend to anyone who likes this kind of game,very good

User Rating: 8.5 | Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror PSP
Syphon Filter has always impressed me so much,it's a great production,very cool graphics and quality,many things you can do to kill an enemy,and there are many missions to pass!!I remember the first one and i loved,it was one of the best games ever,and still it is for the Psx,and this one is another classic for the PSP,but i should play also the Logan's Shadow!!But i've heard that this one is way better!!It has many cool stuff,and i remember i was stick in this like glue,it is a very good game,i wasn't expecting that...But i recommend only to those who love play classics and shooters of course,and also stealth missions and so on and on...But even so,i guess everyone would like to try it,as the game is word on the streets games lol.At this time the game is available in a low price i guess,so you should even buy it,because it has also an multiplayer mode,so,i guess you will probably enjoy it right?It's up to you then ;) !!If you recognize the other games from te serie,you really should check this one like i did ;) !!Good gaming