An action packed shooter that shows how it should be done on the system.

User Rating: 8.5 | Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror PSP
Dark Mirror not only proves that not all sequel/ comebacks are bad but how a shooter should be done on the PSP. With outstanding graphics, great story, and action packed levels full of shoot em up action and stealth this is a game that comes together nicely and delivers an experience like nothing else on the psp (outside the franchise) Aiming with the face buttons works better than it sounds, and using the d pad for actions dose as well. The story is told through some fantastic cutscenes that feel like 80's/90's action movies as well as journal entrys that come on during loading times. This gives the game great flow and help makes up for the load times. Missions are broken up into levels. It's linear but that's good for a handheld and your not wondering were to go most of the time. In most of the levels you get a choice between stealth or just going around shooting everybody. You get a bunch of gadgets and weapons to deal with the threats that you face. You really feel like your in control of how you want the mission to play out (though the end is always the same you get no control of how the story plays out) The cover system works great with the psp's layout. It may seem a bit outdated for today's shooters but it still works out fine. The story mode could of been longer but theres a mission mode that challenges you to get a certain number of weapon kills there is also online multiplayer that's still fun. Over all this is a great action game that you should get if you have a psp.