Wow, How very disappointing.

User Rating: 5.6 | Supreme Commander PC
I like many other people went out and bought this game and promoted judging by the reviews and hype. Me and 2 of my other friends all bought it, expecting to have some fun late into the night duking it out on Supreme Commander, the best RTS on the market right now. Well, I made it home first, installed it, it was quite fast, the intro movie was way cool, then I started the Tutorial.

1st Flaw - The Tutorial is for people that have never played an RTS before in there life, as for showing you how to really play, that is just up to you to find out and experiment.

Well that is ok, it isn't to tough to figure out most RTS's, I figured I had it handled. Wrong.

After about an hour of trying to figure out how to play, it came down to the 2nd Flaw - Resources work on this weird stupid power system that seams to really limit you from ever achieving anything great. I kept wanting to build up my main commander but it takes an ungodly amount of resources to do. And I could only really efficiently support one factory (out of three types: Air, Land, and Sea).

Since I haven't played it for very long, I can't say any of the deeper flaws that may entail, but I will tell you this, the 3rd Flaw - Is definetly the force fields, they make a game last foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Some other flaws:
-Map is way to big when only playing with 1 or 2 other players
-Strong Units tend to move super slow across this massive map (it's just boring)
-This game is very demanding, even if you have a decent computer

In conclusion, if you don't mind a game that takes several hours to complete, have a decent gaming rig, and are a fan of managing your resources more then managing your units and the battle at hand, then pick this one up, otherwise, just set it back down and wait for something better.