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Supreme Commander Cheats For PC

  1. Assorted Codes for Skirmish and Multiplayer

    First to make codes work, set Cheats to "On" in the Skirmish/Multiplayer setup screen. Then hit these key combinations to activate.

    Effect Effect
    KillAll All units and buildings killed with death animations
    DestroyAll All units and buildings killed without death animations
    IN_BindKey Assigns console command to key
    CTRL + ALT + B Bling Bling - Max out your resources, increase Mass/Energy capacity by 10,000.
    WLD_gamespeed Change game speed
    Sim_gravity Change gravity (4.9 is default)
    SetArmyColor Change player color
    CTRL+SHIFT+[C] Copy Unit/Structure
    DamageUnit Damage indicated unit (negative value heals
    WLD_decreasesimrate Decrease game speed by 1
    CTRL + DELETE Delete units - Target a unit then delete it.
    WLD_increasesimrate Increase game speed by 1
    BlingBling Increase raw material storage capacity by 10,000 and fill camps
    CTRL+[K] Kill Selected Unit
    RenameUnit Names selected unit
    CTRL+SHIFT+[V] Paste Unit/Structure
    Kill Selected unit / building killed with death animation
    Destroy Selected unit / building killed without death animation
    WLD_resetsimrate Set game speed to default value
    IN_DumpKeyNames Shows all key bindings
    PopupCreationMenu Shows Unit Creation menu
    ALT + F2 Spawn Menu - Aim where you want to spawn a unit, then hit this and you can spawn any unit under anyone's control.
    SetFocusArmyPlayer Take over specified player (-1 is spectators)
    Teleport Teleport all selected units to the pointer's location
    ALT+[T] Teleport Selected Unit
    ALT + N Toggle Damage - Makes all units in the game invulnerable, including your enemy's.
    SallyShears Toggle full map
    ALT + A Toggle Opponent AI - Units will follow orders given before command is used, but commander will not issue anymore.
    NoDamage Toggle units causing no more damage
    ai_instabuild Units / buildings / research become free
    ai_freebuild Units and buildings immediately built and research immediately completed

    Contributed by: th3l3fty, Jack the Smack, Nelo_Portgas 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Robyrt 342K

Supreme Commander Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Achievement Achievement
    Aeon Campaign Complete: Easy Aeon Campaign Complete: Easy (20)
    Aeon Campaign Complete: Hard Aeon Campaign Complete: Hard (40)
    Aeon Campaign Complete: Normal Aeon Campaign Complete: Normal (30)
    Win on 10 different multiplayer maps. Battle Commander (30)
    Beat Normal AI on all Skirmish maps. Cherry Picking (30)
    Win on all Command Point maps on any difficulty. Controlling Presence (30)
    Cybran Campaign Complete: Easy Cybran Campaign Complete: Easy (20)
    Cybran Campaign Complete: Hard Cybran Campaign Complete: Hard (40)
    Cybran Campaign Complete: Normal Cybran Campaign Complete: Normal (30)
    Build 1 experimental unit for each faction. DaVinci (10)
    Kill 1000 ground units. Earthquake (10)
    Produce 100,000,000 mass. Economy of Grand Scale: Mass (30)
    Produce 100,000,000 power. Economy of Grand Scale: Power (30)
    Produce 1,000,000 mass. Economy of Scale: Mass (20)
    Produce 1,000,000 power. Economy of Scale: Power (20)
    Fire 100 nukes. Firestorm (20)
    Kill 100 units with Anti-Air Turrets. Fly Swatter (10)
    Kill 1000 air units. Hail Storm (10)
    Beat Challenge AI on all Skirmish maps. Holding Your Own (30)
    Kill 100 ACUs. Hunter Killer (20)
    Win on all King of the Hill maps on any difficulty. King of the Hill (30)
    Kill 100 units with Point Defense Turrets. Mouse Trap (10)
    Fire 10 nukes. Nuclear Wind (10)
    Capture 50 enemy units. POW (20)
    Build 100 experimental units. Project X (40)
    Destroy 500 buildings. Razer (20)
    Build 1000 air units. Supreme Aeronautics (10)
    Win on all Annihilation maps on any difficulty. Supreme Annihilator (30)
    Build 1000 ground units. Supreme Armorer (10)
    Win on all Assassination maps on any difficulty. Supreme Assassin (30)
    Finish all campaigns on all difficulties. Supreme Commander (60)
    Build 1000 buildings. Supreme Engineer (10)
    Build 1000 sea units. Supreme Shipwright (10)
    Win on all multiplayer maps. Theater of War (50)
    Beat Supreme AI on all Skirmish maps. To The Grave (30)
    Complete the tutorial. Tutorial (20)
    Kill 1000 sea units. Typhoon (10)
    UEF Campaign Complete: Easy UEF Campaign Complete: Easy (20)
    UEF Campaign Complete: Hard UEF Campaign Complete: Hard (40)
    UEF Campaign Complete: Normal UEF Campaign Complete: Normal (30)
    Capture 100 enemy units. War of Attrition (30)

    Contributed by: Guard Master