Super Thunder Blade is a broken, dull Sega cash-in with little to no effort put into it.

User Rating: 4 | Super Thunder Blade GEN
The good: Graphics look nice
The bad: everything else

Gameplay: 3/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 5/10
Value: 1/10
Tilt: 4/10

Average Score: 4/10

Have you played Space Harrier? Super Thunder Blade, based on the Blue Thunder helicopter, is similar to that game. One difference is, it sucks. This game's choppy and confusing game-play is worsen by the fact it was an attempt for Sega to get bucks. Guess what Sega? That didn't work.

I haven't really payed attention to the plot, since I never got past the first level. All I know is, when I popped this game in, everything was coming in at me. When I press up, I go down. When I press down, I go up. This gets really confusing and tedious, but that's not even the main reason why I hate this game. You see, the Genesis could not handle anything 3D up to that point (as well as every Home console), so there was no point to put it into a 3D perspective. What sucks is that building animations are choppy, and if you make one mistake, you're gonna die a lot. You have no time to shoot anyone without getting hit. Even the biggest expert gamers will get ten game overs in this game. It's so hard for one reason; Sega's lack of effort in this game.

The graphics in Super Thunder Blade are pretty nice, probably the only good thing in this game. Everything else is terrible; the sound is garbage, the gameplay is waste, everything seems like it was rushed.

Overall, Super Thunder Blade is a broken dull Sega cash-in with little to no effort put into it. You could probably fly a Blue Thunder better than the game can, and that's sad, because it's usually much easier (and safer, of course) to fly a helicopter in a game than it is to fly it in actual life. That being said, how is this on the Sega Genesis Collection? A Sega Ages remake (if there was one) would be better than this. Super Thunder Blade is as fun as listening to the Jonas Brothers, Fall Out Boy, and Maroon 5 combined. Please listen to this review and stay completely away from this toxic dump.