review 64 wensea10s choice.

User Rating: 3 | Super Thunder Blade GEN
well the game wensea10 said i should do is a game that
i knew for a long time ever since it first came out in 1989.
man 1989 the Simpsons aired,bad games,and then you
have super thunder i was gonna review maximum
carnage for snes but that is not a bad fact its on my
top 5 favorite beat em anyway one thing about this game is
it has 2d objects.okay its a piece of why did wensea10
dislike this game.there is only 4 levels in the game and the
camera angel stinks and its so easy i need a blindfold for this
game.its just a lame pattern.this is my first review where i put
a game as very easy or was it Mario teaches typing 2? so
now that im done with that its time to talk of the PC version.
the PC version came out in 2010.that's it. but this review is
too short just to be handed out so for a bonus it is time to
reveal the might of stuff and stuff and oh well lets just show them
what else i hate of this game.the action stinks,the camera stinks,
the title is cool,and i gotta take a cool.bye and also one more thing
before i leave Sega CD government is asleep so we have to be
quiet. so anyway just be calm and relax and OMG.well it looks
like we are at Dr.wilys castle i anyway yeah and i don't
know how to end this review.JUST KIDDING.its back and